Welcome To My Personal Website!

About Me

I am an Undergrad Student currently studying In PIEAS, Islamabad Pakistan.
Learning to Coding ( C++, C, Python ), Web Designing and Graphic Deisgning etc.
Working on several Projects yet to come!
Welcome To My Website


A Brief Introduction To My Educational Background Over The Years

Hours Coded
Cup of Coffee Converted To Code
Coding Languages
Plus Lines Of Code

Things I Know

Somewhat Strengths And Have Knowlegde About The Following


I know some Computer Programming Languages like C, C++
and just a bit of Python aswell
Learning More

Web Designing

I am familiar with HTML5 and Basics of CSS while opt to learn JS
This Website is made with HTML and CSS


Can Design Graphical images and Animated Posters
And Website Designing as well
Frontends With CSS and HTML + Bootstrap

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